Sociable Leadership



“Kepemimpinan yang Merakyat” or what we called by “Sociable Leadership” was a leadership concept we develop in 2005 combining two other major leadership concept which is Semi Military Leadership and also Servant Leadership.

Learned from these two previous concepts, and also analyzing the other concepts of leadership and motivational programs, we have come into a conclusion, that almost none of the leadership concepts were origin of Indonesian. It is somehow been adapted from any other nation culture, that later on was carried away to be implemented here in Indonesia.

Consequently, even tough the concept is so remarkably outstanding, easy to learned, easy to be taught, but its so ambiguously float away, and hard to be implemented. Why? Because we have a different pattern of mind compared to other nations people.

Then why it should be Sociable Leadership? We’re not saying it’s the most precise concept to be implemented in Indonesia. But we can assure you this. Sociable and Society is our nations most fundamental basic.

If you don’t believe it, check on Soekarno’s speech when he inspires Pancasila as our nation fundamental at the first time. Check what his answer was, when he was questioned by the legislative institutional, what it will be if he must suppress it from 5 to 3, and from 3 to 1.

It’s a new concept. It’s a new leadership.



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