Live and Learn

November 13, 2009 at 11:15 (Cool Quote) ()


Live and Learn, Pass it on..

age 19 – i’ve learned that if there were no problems there would be no opportunities

age 47 – i’ve learned that every great achievement was once considered impossible

age 52 – i’ve learned that i should make the little decision with my head n the big decision with my heart

age 64 – i’ve learned that most of the things i worry never happen

age 78 – i’ve learned that to loved n be loved is the greatest joy in the world

age 81 – i’ve learned that u should keep ur promises no matter what

age 82 – i’ve learned never to underestimate the potensial n power of the human spirit

age 92 – i’ve learned i still have a lot to learn

“dikutip dari hiasan dinding di depan lift gedung w lantai 6 uk petra”



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