Such an Ironic

October 1, 2009 at 01:24 (Catatan Ringan, Survival) (, )


Am I so not perfect?

I know.. U know.. Everybody knows.. Nobody is perfect.. That’s the fact !!!

I never felt to be perfect before.. There’s so many lack ness inside of me and my life.. Too many to mention.. Way out of perfect..

But somehow, I was once believed that my life is complete.. That my life is somehow probably perfect..

But eventually.. The reality forced me to admitted that I’m not perfect enough.. I am not.. Not enough.. No matter how hard I try..

And then I keep saying to myself.. That I’m nobody.. Just nobody..

And so I’ve tried to wreck my own life coz of it.. Coz I’m nobody..

But then the ironic thing is..

If I’m nobody..

And nobody is perfect..

Isn’t that makes me perfect?

Isn’t it?

So what am I now?



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