Time heal

August 24, 2009 at 23:44 (Survival) ()


Some said, TIME heal..

If you got a deadly disease when nothing can cures.. Or you got some big problems going around your mind, and nothing can seems to solve it.. Then the solution would be “let TIME heal you”

But can TIME really heal??

As a lyrics found in one of the greatest song by George Michael, Careless Whisper: TIME can never mend.. And yes, TIME do never mend..

So if it cannot heal, what does TIME do??

As in my free opinion: “TIME can only camouflage things we do not want or refuse to see nor remember.. It helps us to forget.. It helps us to move on.. It helps us see and experience many other things we choose to see and experienced.. But it cannot wipe the pain that might hurt us so much..”

The pain is still in there.. The pain is still a pain..

It need more than TIME to heal.. It need more.. It need..

(inspired while watching The Proposal – 23.08.09)



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