Semi Military Training

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a PHYSICAL and MENTAL training, to build DISCIPLINE, TEAMWORK, and individual/social MINDSET, conducted in a SEMI MILITARY ways, with a NON VIOLENCE methods.

Target participants are high school and university students, especially who needs special training to grow maturity, team work, and discipline.

Participants will be forced to push themselves to their physical limitation, as well as their emotional anger point, in which when they are at their lowest level of life, The Trainer will then alter their mindset and their point of view about world and life, by using motivational inspiration and the needs of teamwork to survive, so that they may become a better and mature person.

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The Trainees

Line up

Warming up

Push Up

Breakfast is served

After-Breakfast Exercise

After-Breakfast Exercise 2


Day Training

Day Training 2

Night Training

Night Training 2

End of Last Day

Fear Factor Food Graduation Celebration

The Winning Trainees



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