February 10, 2009 at 14:42 (Survival) ()


Tring to hold on.. Trying to survive..

It has eatin me to crumble.. Weaken me to my lowest level of immunity.. Broken my spirit down..

Part 1. Spontaneous and unfelt.

Part 2. One nite with an old pal

Part 3. Three weird days

Part 4. Cleaning up the pipe

Part 5. Terrible head smash

It getting all over me.. Killing me.. Thicker.. Harder.. Stronger than before.. Chain in my hand is bundling me to the ground..




1 Comment

  1. DayChi said,

    apa sih artinya

    aku kurang mengerti

    coba diterangkan dengan bahasa indonesia yhg baik dan benar gt lho

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