Flow with the Flow

January 9, 2009 at 23:40 (Cool Quote, Survival) ()


Flow with the Flow.. Thats all we must do.. Facing 2009..

When somethings so much in ur mind.. So many dreams to be reached.. So many hopes to be fulfilled.. So many problems to be faced..

How will u go through it? How will u survive it?

Simply, by let it flow, let it flow with the flow..

And everything will be flowing.. Flowing as u want it to flow..

Just let it flow away..

Flow with the flow..

Radita Sonix (09.01.2009)

“inspired by flow, a korean ticer”




  1. Koreanticer said,


    mbanyol2 tudent..

    hm.. tp msk akal….

    “flow with the flow” bakalan jadi salah satu resolusi ku di tahun 2009 ^^

    thx tudent~

  2. Sonix said,

    Hmm, penggunaan ide orang lain sebagai resolusi pribadi di 2009?? ada royaltinya ga buat gw?

  3. Koreanticer said,

    eitzzz.. resolusi pribadi kan royaltinya harga teman pak…. lagian hanya kau, aku dan Thn yang taw :p

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