The Power Of Dreams

December 6, 2008 at 20:42 (Cool Quote) ()


KEKUATAN IMPIAN, apabila kita kerjakan dengan KEMAUAN KERAS, disertai percobaan TERUS MENERUS, maka hasilnya akan sangat LUAR BIASA

bahkan, dapat menembus batas-batas kemampuan kita

dan IMPIAN akan berubah jadi KENYATAAN


“soichiro honda”




  1. Tanadi said,

    Absolutely agree … life without dream is just like live waiting for death. Dream can bring someone to a higher self actualization that anyone could imagine. As Celine Dion said in her song, Deep Within each heart,there lies a magic spark,that lights the fire of our imagination.The faith in things unseen,the courage to embrace our fear. No matter where u are,reach for your own star, realize the power of the dream. I love that song so much. Brilliant and empowering

  2. Sonix said,

    Wow, a great comment.. Never realize that song’s lyric.. What is the title??

    I remark this two great line..

    The faith in things unseen, the courage to embrace our fear..


    Reach for your own star..

    :’) i need those word now 🙂 thanks..

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